We make podcasts accessible and profitable for podcasters, advertisers and brands by combining technical support, production savvy and ad sales know-how into one user-friendly, economical experience.

Advertising: Podcasters meet advertisers! We match top talent with advertising agencies and brands, helping them take advantage of the unique benefits offered by podcast ads. Whether it’s host read endorsements, dynamically inserted ads, sponsorships or branded content, our ad sales team manages the process from beginning to end.

Distribution: Listeners want to access and discover podcasts on the devices and platforms of their choosing, which is why we partner with leading distribution platforms and streaming services. Plus, our sleek embeddable player allows podcasters to share content on their own websites and via social media

Production: In addition to hosting, distributing and monetizing content, our studios in London, Los Angeles and New York produce original content for the Audioboom podcast network and as part of bespoke production deals with well-known personalities and brands.

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Audioboom Ltd
2-6 Boundary Row
Southwark, London, SE1 8HP

Underground: London Bridge (Northern, Jubilee, National Rail)

New York

40 E. 34th Street
Suite 1401
New York, NY 10016

Metro: 33rd Street (4 and 6)

The team

  • Chief Executive Officer: Stuart Last
  • Chief Financial Officer: Brad Clarke
  • Chief Technology Officer: Jonathan del Strother
  • Chief Operating Officer: Erica Tong
  • Chief Content Officer: Brendan Regan
  • Chief Growth Officer: Jenni Skaug
  • Director, Operations & Communications: Jenny Khodai

Advertising & Commercial

  • VP, Sales: Paul DeLaurentis
  • VP, Brand Sales: Danny Farman
  • VP, Sales Planning & Operations: Ilana Ratner
  • Sales Director: Jordan Imsho
  • Sales Director: Nicholas Kryoneris
  • Sales Director: Cara Mitchinson
  • UK Sales Director: Aliki Dilaveri
  • Sales Ops Manager: Nicholas Bivona
  • Sales Ops Manager: Alexander Bregman
  • Sales Ops Associate: Matthew Kessig
  • Sales Ops Associate: Jenna Mourad


  • VP, UK Content & Partnerships: Mike Newman
  • VP, US Content & Partnerships: Erik Heiss
  • Director, Content and Network Growth: Emily Barrett-Bastardi
  • Content Manager: Amanda Siess
  • Content Coordinator: Alyssa Mattia
  • Senior Producer: Blair Peyton
  • Producer: Karen Bevan
  • Producer: Lauren Vogel
  • Producer: Pam Burrows


  • Design Lead: Steven Hooley
  • VP, Research: Lance Paterson
  • Senior Developer: Dominic Chalcraft


  • Group Finance Director: Shaun Perkins

Audioboom is proud to be part of the Equality in Audio Pact and is committed to make change in our industry.


  • Black/African American: 3%
  • Asian: 3%
  • Hispanic: 6.1%
  • Native American: 0%
  • White: 87.9%
  • Other: 3%


  • Female: 54.5%
  • Male: 45.5%
  • Other: 0%


  • 39 and below: 57.6%
  • 40 and above: 42.4%

Modern Slavery Statement